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Silver Age Sentinels

Do you like the BESM Character Generator? Do you play Silver Age Sentinels? Well then you should check out the SAS version of the character generator.

Inspiration & Alternatives

Check out Battleship Soja’s BESM Character Generator (for Excel) and his fancy Zoids suppliments!

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We now have some supplements available for your character generator, these are 3rd Party, so we make no guarantees! Simplely download the file, uncompress it in your root character generator folder, then open the character generator up and click the “Change System” menu item under the “System” menu, and change it to the supplement. Note: system menu only available in versions posted on or after 02.11.03.

Supplement BESM Release Date Creator Date Size
Lain 02.14.03 Chadd DuChane 02.14.03 311K
Tenchi Muyo 02.14.03 Adam Gentle 02.20.03 763K
El-Hazard 02.14.03 Adam Gentle 02.27.03 774K
Dual 02.23.03 Chadd DuChane 03.01.03 453K
GhostDog 02.23.03 Chadd DuChane 03.01.03 220K
Sailor Moon 02.23.03 Chadd DuChane 03.05.03 526K
Tenchi In Tokyo 02.23.03 Adam Gentle 03.31.03 789K
Tenchi Universe 02.23.03 Adam Gentle 03.31.03 751K

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