BESM Character Generator FAQ

Are you guys thinking about building a dX version?

The short answer is no. Ben actually started attempting to construct a dX version a few months ago, but hasn’t really been motivated to put in the time. We think it should be possible to implement dX mostly within the existing framework (reusing most of the attribute types from BESM and SAS), but it’s still a big project.

Are you guys thinking of building a d20 version?

No. We don’t use d20, and we don’t have the d20 books. We’re also pretty sure it would require some major modifications to the character generator to support d20, which we are not motivated to do.

I just downloaded the newest version of the character generator, and now my old save files don’t work. The message that pops up says to email you.

So this is a problem with the way we save files (serialization). Basically, it’s impossible to keep save files compatable between different versions. If you need to read old versions, you’ll have to keep old versions of the character generator. If you’ve already overwritten your version, try the old versions we’ve archived on our website.

How do I switch between BESM mode and SAS mode?

In the System Settings menu there’s a change system option - you use that to switch to updates.

How do I use the updates you’ve posted on your web page?

First decompress the updates into your besmcg directory (often c:\Program Files\BESMCG). Then use the System Settings-Change System option to switch to the other versions.

If I email you, will you send me the real AttributeDescriptions.txt file?

No. Although we disagree with GOO’s position on this matter, we must nontheless respect their right to control their own copyrighted information. If you want the attribute descriptions, we encourage you to email GOO and ask them to relax their policies.

How do I use the linux version on 64 bit linux?

Helpful person Marko Haverinen says: I just installed the BESM Character Generator on my GF's 64-bit Kubuntu 14.04 and it seems that you need the 32-bit libraries to make it run. Running the following command installs libX11 and enough dependencies to make the Generator work: sudo apt-get install libx11-6:i386