Silver Age Sentinels Character Generator Version 1.0

Too long have the citizens of Empire City dwelt under the tyranny of crude pen-and-paper character generation! No longer must each of us, gamer and GM alike, toil under the meaningless labor of manual point balancing or endure the backbreaking pain of paging through a tattered rulebook. Now a new era is at hand! Through the modern technical marvel of Wondrous Computation, heroes can be brought to life effortlessly freeing us all to enjoy the many fruits of this fantastical Silver Age.

Yes, from the raving fanboys who brought you The Big Eyes Small Mouths Character Generator, a new generator is born. Through awesome power of the superhuman programming mega-genius Ben "class is for wimps" Bernard, the SAS character generator is finally available for download. Chock full of all the delicious featury goodness that you've been lusting after. Every attribute. Every defect. Every PMV. Every stupid rule that we could find. So what are you waiting for? Download now!

And of course it's all 100% free. So look at our super-fancy screen shot and download now!

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